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Quonset Point


Our new shipyard is coming in 2016. We will service government and commercial boats up and down the east coast.

The new Goodison Shipyard at Quonset Point will have an immediate economic impact, with immediate hiring for 15 new positions. We expect a full complement of 30-50 marine jobs to be filled once we are fully staffed.

Our commitment to this project includes 7 million dollars in equipment and site improvements.



Strengthening Rhode Island’s long history of
boat building and shipyard repair heritage

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Centrally located between Maine and New York, the new Goodison Shipyard at Quonset Point will be ideally located to service a wide range of commercial and government vessels in the New England and New York markets. Servicing the area’s large fleets of:

-- U.S. Coast Guard Cutters
-- U.S. Coast Guard Icebreakers
-- New USCG Sentinel Class Cutters
-- NOAA Ships
-- Commercial and Military Tug Boats
-- Barges
-- Ferries and Dining Cruise Boats
-- Commercial Fishing Boats

The new Goodison Shipyard will be a tremendous asset to the Quonset Point, the surrounding Community, and the State of Rhode Island.

Read more about the new Marine Travelift Mobile Boat Hoist.

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